Bonneau Joseph (1881-1946)* ref.68

Photo Joseph Bonneau

Born in : Né et baptisé Joseph Hubert Bonneau le 3 décembre 1881 à St-Narcisse de Lotbinière, QC.ParrainGeorgesBonneau et la marraine Élizabeth

Died in : 13 février 1946, Lewiston Maine, USA

Father name :

Mother name :

Parent Éléonore

Carrer : Mill-worker and Horse trainer

His wife: Langlois Délima, fille de Louis Langlois et Délima Bonneau

Marriage: July 12th 1904, St-Narcisse de Lotbinière, QC.

Children : 

Bonneau Donat

Bonneau Victor-Ovila

Bonneau Euclide (1922-2016)

Bonneau Edgard Joseph (1925-2015 )* ref.130

Bonneau Bertha Léona

Bonneau Arthur J

Bonneau Lucien (1913-1994)

Bonneau Cécile

Bonneau Noéma

Bonneau Donald

Picture of Joseph Bonneau and Delima Langlois 1904

Front L-R: Arthur, Joseph, Donat Back L-R: Edgar, Victor, Lucien, Armand,Euclide. Source a special thank you to Diane Beaudette Bonneau, USA Maine. Picture from 1942

From L-R : Donat, Arthur ,Victor, Lucien, ? , Edgar,Armand et Euclide Bonneau 1953. That was for the ceremony of the new place for the Supermarket.

Delima Langlois femme de Joseph Bonneau.Source a special thank you to Diane Beaudette Bonneau, USA Maine.

L-R:Donat,Arthur, Victor, Lucien, Cecile, Noema, Armand, Euclide, Edgar, Leona 1942.Source a special thank you to Diane Beaudette Bonneau, USA Maine.



I personally have no recollection of my grandfather, Joseph dit La Becasse of America. I was told that he and his wife Delima moved from Canada to Lewiston, Maine with their older children in the mid 1920's. I was also told he was a horse trainer in Canada and continued training horses in Lewiston. However, during that time period, Canadians moved to Lewiston to work in the shoe shops and mills, so I think it's safe to say his main job was working in one of the industries and trained horses as an extra source of income. If I get more information, I'll pass it on. My brother, Maurice, is 83 years old so he remembers more than I do.

God's blessings to you. Louise.......your cousin Colette.

Little story from a document found in internet from The University of Southern Maine 3-16-2011. Entrepreneurs : Franco_American Businesses of Lewiston Auburn James Mall. About the Bonneau Supermarket

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