Bonneau Edgard Joseph (1925-2015 )* ref.130

Photo Edgard Joseph Bonneau, Source Tribute Archive

Year of birth in : September 12th, 1925 born inSt-Narcisse de Lotbinière, QC

Year of death in :

Father name :

Mother name : Langlois Délima

Education : H

Profession :

e was educated in local schools, including St. Dominic High School.

A veteran of WWII, he served with the U.S. Army's 90th Infantry Division from 1943 to 1945. He landed on Utah Beach on the second day of the D-Day invasion, and fought through the entire liberation of France, earning two Purple Hearts in the process. After the war he returned to Lewiston and, on April 10, 1947

He was a founder and partner in Bonneau's Mastermarket and co-owner of Bonneau's Shopping Plaza.

He also served as a corporator and trustee of Androscoggin County Savings Bank.

1rst wife : Tartre Marie-Louise

1rst Marriage : April 10th, 1947

Children :

Bonneau Suzanne

Bonneau Ronald

Bonneau Diane

Bonneau Albert

2nd wife : Tartre Isabelle C.

Marriage : February 2nd, 1963

Photo Edgar Bonneau 1942

Source Sun-Journal Monday July 3rd, 1961, the first wife of Edgard Bonneau, Marie-Louise Tartre

Source News Paper Lewiston Edgard Bonneau one of the owners of the Bonneau Supermarket.

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