Bonneau Edgar (1905-1958)* ref.397

Picture of Edgar Bonneau , found in the archives of the Ralliement des Familles Bonneau, probably in 1928

Year of birth in : Born inMay 9, 1905in Bonneauville, 12 miles east of Willow Bunch,Saskatchewan

Year of death in : March 26th, 1958 at the hospital in Moose Jaw

Mother name :Vaudry Marie-Louise

Profession : Carpenter , farmer and bartender

Wife : Légaré Alice

Marriage : May 22th, 1928

Children :

Bonneau Ernest

Bonneau Joseph

Bonneau Doris

Picture of Edgar Bonneau and his wife Alice Légaré, found in the archives of the Ralliement des Familles Bonneau.

Texte found in the archives of The Ralliement des familles Bonneau


By Gilles A. Bonneau, their nephew, from Willow Bunch (Sask)


Word of Mouth

Newspaper Clippings

Edgar Bonneau, son of Trèfflé Bonneau and Marie-Louise Vaudry, was born on May 9, 1905, in Bonneauville, 1½ miles east of Willow Bunch Sask. He was quite the handsome man, with light brown hair, blue eyes and always a friendly smile. In fact, in later years Edgar had gotten some gold fillings put in his front teeth, and of course they were always evident when he smiled. He was a very mild mannered person, a truly gentle soul with an easy going sort of character which endeared him to everyone. Although he was rather bashful and usually needed persuading, it is said, by people who knew him best, that in his youth Edgar could sing very well indeed. Apparently he had a rich, deep and melodious voice which was always a pleasure to listen to!

Early in his youth, Edgar met a pretty young lady by the name of Alice Légaré, and he spent much of his leisure time courting her. As can be expected, the two fell in love and they were married on May 22, 1928, in Willow Bunch. From all appearances they had a happy marriage, and in time Alice bore Edgar three children, two boys and one girl. Alice was renown for making fudge, and chocolates (the Laura Secord Recipe, but better). Moreover, she was quiet a pastry artist and loved to decorate wedding cakes, etc. In her spare time, she would usually drop by the Convent to assist the Nuns in their endeavours, and also was quite involved with the Ladies of Saint Anne.

Though Edgar's primary source of income was farming, when times got too tough on the farm, it was not beyond him to take on supplementary work to make ends meet. Actually Edgar was a fine carpenter, and he and his brother-in-law, Henri Louis Audette, could often be found working together on a job.

For many years the two of them were constantly employed by the Sisters Of The Cross, to maintain and/or remodel the Sacred Heart Convent in Willow Bunch. Now and again Edgar would work at odd jobs on his own, and at one time he even succumbed to hauling coal from the local mines to private homes.

Edgar also spent a few years working as a bartender in the European Hotel in Willow Bunch. Not unexpectedly, he is reputed to have been a very efficient bartender, and one who could always keep the peace, no matter how unsavoury the characters he had to deal with!

Alas, at a time when Edgar and Alice were finally looking forward to relaxing and enjoying themselves, after more or less having gone through the working years of their lives, disaster struck! Edgar became seriously ill and was, most regrettably, diagnosed as having cancer.

Even more unfortunate, is the fact that in those days little was known about the disease, and Edgar was lamentably left to languish for several months, in severe pain, in a hospital in Moose Jaw. Finally Edgar's bitter suffering came to an end on the 26th day of March, 1958, when by the true mercy of God he passed away. At the time of his death, Edgar had attained the age of 52 years, 10 months and 17 days.

By contrast, Alice lived on another 31 years, and spend many of those years in her home in Willow Bunch. Only when declining health demanded it, did Alice agreed to move in with her son, Joseph Bonneau, in Regina, Sask.

She stayed with Joseph and his family for the remainder of her days, save a very short stint as a resident in the Santa Maria Home, in Regina, Sask. On December 24th, 1989, Alice Bonneau (née Légaré) passed away quietly, as she had lived, always holding dearly to her faith in God Almighty.

Though they are gone, Edgar and Alice will always remain in the hearts and minds of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A fine couple, forever sadly missed by all who knew them!

ERNEST, born in 1929, in Willow Bunch, married Olga Johanson in Toronto, Ont., where he met her. Prior to that, he spent many of his early years farming with his father; their land was situated a few miles north of Willow Bunch. Ernest was quite the card player, a pastime he thoroughly enjoyed, and seldom missed an opportunity to sit in on a game. He must have inherited that ability from Grandpa Trèfflé Bonneau. In the 1960s, following a bit of misfortune, he relocated to Toronto where he eventually secured work as a civil servant, work he does to this day (1999).

JOSEPH, born in 1930, in Willow Bunch, married Millie Krusky on April 18, 1960, in Melville, Sask. He received his education in Willow Bunch, and then continued his studies at Campion College in Regina, Sask. From the late 1940s until about 1950, he worked as a store clerk at Wilson & Scott in Willow Bunch, and then went to Radville, Sask., where he managed a general store for a few years. He later became a stock broker in Regina, and in the end turned his hand to real-estate. Joseph passed away on July 4, 1995, in Regina, Sask., and is buried there. He and Millie have three children: Cindy, married to Darren Mosewich; Donald “Don”; Dennis; and Barry all of Regina.

DORIS, born in 1932, in Willow Bunch, married Basil Joseph Ryan on May 21, 1956, in Willow Bunch. Doris always loved sports, and she was quite the softball player in her younger days! She and Basil reside in Sarnia, Ont., with their five children.

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