Bonneau Antoinette (1903-1990)* ref.397

Year of birth in : Born inJanuary 12, 1903, in Bonneauville, 12miles east of Willow Bunch,Saskatchewan. Godfather : Édouard Beaupré (surname as The Willow Bunch Giant or in French le Géant Beaupré!

Year of death in : November 14th, 1990.

Buried in the Catholic Cemetery east of Willow Bunch, at the feet of Trefflé Bonneau and Marie-Louise Vaudry.

Mother name :Vaudry Marie-Louise

Husband : Audet Henri-Louis

Marriage :

November 11th 1941,in the Church Rectory, in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan

Texte found in the archives of The Ralliement des familles Bonneau



Word of Mouth

Newspaper Clippings

Antoinette Bonneau, daughter of Trèfflé Bonneau and Marie-Louise Vaudry, was born on January 12, 1903, in Bonneauville, 1½ miles east of Willow Bunch, Sask. She was a tall and slender young lady,with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a beautiful smile. Had she wanted to, Antoinette could easily have turned many a young man's fancy to thoughts of love. However, having spent several of her teenage years boarding in the Sacred Heart Convent (owned and operated by the “Sisters Of The Cross”)at Willow Bunch, where she attended school, she felt 'called' to become a nun!

At some point between 1917 and 1920 Antoinette, who had always been a very pious young lady, joined the religious Order of the “Sisters Of The Cross.” After her induction ceremony, she remained posted at the convent in Willow Bunch for several years. During this time, she continued her education and learned her duties as a nun.

Following this, she was sent to France for two additional years of formal education, after which Antoinette was very fortunately returned to Canada, to a regular posting. She taught music and sewing to the children in convents at Bellegarde, Sask., LaSalle, Man., and St-Adolphe, Man.

As it was, Antoinette seemed reasonably happy as a nun and showed no interest in leaving the convent. Yet, upon being informed of her father's death in 1937 (knowing her mother was going blind, and in frail health), she left the convent, and the religious Order, and came to tend to her mother until her death in 1944.

In the interim, Antoinette became acquainted with a man by the name of Henri Louis Audette, with whom she eventually fell in love. Following a chaperoned courtship, as was custom in that era, Antoinette and Henri Louis were married on November 11, 1941, in a private ceremony which took place early in the morning, in the Church Rectory, in Willow Bunch, Sask. At the time of their marriage, Henri was a farmer by trade (a good farmer), and he owned land in the Willow Bunch and Scout Lake areas which he continued to farm until his retirement. He was also an excellent carpenter, and he loved finishing work. He and his brother-in-law, Edgar Bonneau, were often called upon to do work at the Sacred Heart Convent.

Throughout their married life Henri and Antoinette got along quite well, and seemed to be a reasonably happy couple. Even so, they were not blessed with any children of their own. 

They did however keep two littledogs, just for company, and often those little darlings tended to bark at visitors for periods somewhat longer than was desirable! Oh well, company is company!

They retired in 1974, and initially moved to the town of Assiniboia where they remained for a short while, then they began to move, first to Moose Jaw and then to Regina. Around 1977, they finally settled in the Wheatland Lodge, in Lafleche, Sask., where for all intentions and purposes they remained until their deaths.

All through their married life, it appeared as though Antoinette was the frail one and, accordingly, she would be the first to leave us! However, such was not to be, and on the 3rd day of June, 1976, it was Henri who passed away from heart failure.

For several years after his passing, Antoinette expected Henri to come for her (it seems they had made a pact), but such was not to be! The last years of Antoinette's life were, to a great extent, spent more or less as a recluse. Be that as it may, she kept her great faith in the Lord, and often could be found at prayer in her small apartment, praying for the good of one and all.

Much to everyone's surprise, Antoinette lived another 14 years after Henri's death and, though she appeared to take great pleasure in her privacy, she was truly a lonely lady who relished the little company she got. Quite often on Sundays she would give her sister-in-law, Lumina Bonneau, a telephone call, which proved to be her greatest link with the outside world! It certainly can be said that they bothenjoyed their little chats, and each took their turn at calling the other.

Then came that notable day, the 14th of November, 1990, when the Lord granted Antoinette (Bonneau) Audette the peaceful rest she so longed for. She passed away content in her knowledge of the Lord, and though in the eyes of many, Antoinette may not have seemed like a giant of a person in this world, maybe so in the eyes of the Lord!

Both Antoinette and Henri are buried in the Catholic Cemetery east of Willow Bunch, at the feet of Grandpa and Grandma Bonneau. They will always be remembered by all who knew them and, somehow, curiously missed!

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