Bonneau Albertine (1908-2002)* ref.397

Nom de baptême : Marie Celina Albertine Bonneau

Photo Albertine Bonneau from the Ralliement des familles Bonneau

Year of birth in :April 14, 1908, in Bonneauville, 1½ miles east of Willow Bunch Saskatchewan

Year of death in : 30 octobre

2002Willow BunchSaskatchewan

Mother name :Vaudry Marie-Louise

Husband : Rodrigue Roméo


:May 17, 1927, Albertine and Roméo were married in St. Ignace des Saules Roman Catholic Church in Willow Bunch.

Children :

Rodrigue Marcel

Rodrigue Lionel

Rodrigue Agnes

Rodrigue Rachel

Rodrigue Albert

Rodrigue Roger

Rodrigue Cécile

Rodrigue Maurice

Photo of Albertine Bonneau and Roméo Rodrigue 1927

Photo for Albertine Bonneau et Romeo Rodrigue family

** Texte retrouvé dans les documents des Ralliements des familles Bonneau


By Gilles A. Bonneau, their nephew, from Willow Bunch (Sask)

Marie Célina Albertine Bonneau, daughter of Trèfflé Bonneau and Marie-LouiseVaudry, was born on April 14, 1908, in Bonneauville, 1½ miles east of Willow Bunch Sask. She is the youngest child in a family of 10 of which she is the sole surviving member. Albertine was a pretty young lady, of average height, with brown hair, brown eyes and all told a fine figure of a woman. In her youth she had an outgoing personality which endeared her to one and all, a personality trait which, to a great extent, remains with her to this day.

She attended school at the Sacred Heart Convent in Willow Bunch, under the stewardship of the Sisters Of The Cross, where she, as her sisters, spent several years as a boarder. She had a wonderful singing voice and often sang in the church choir and at outings. Early in her teens, Albertine made the acquaintance of Roméo Rodrigue who was working as a clerk in Donat Boucher's General Store. During the course of their courtship Roméo was persuaded to change jobs, having been offered employment at the Wilson & Scott General Store, a change which was considered quite a move upwards in those days! Shortly thereafter, on May 17, 1927, Albertine and Roméo were married in St. Ignace des Saules Roman Catholic Church in Willow Bunch.

Roméo was born February 12, 1902, in St. Georges de Beauce, Que., the son of François Rodrigue (a farmer and blacksmith by trade) and Marie Morin. His mother died in 1906, and his father remarried in 1908 to Léonilda "Léonie" Mathieu, formerly his mother Marie's "Nurse Maid." Roméo migrated to Willow Bunch in 1910 with his father François, his step-mother Léonie and his brother Josephat. The family later numbered nine children, they are; Josephat, "Roméo", Edouard, Emile, Simone, Paul, Léonel Gérard, Lucien and Gérard.

For several years into their marriage, Roméo continued working at Wilson & Scott, then decided to go into business for himself. Though at the very beginning he did take on a partner to facilitate buying Rodolphe Légaré's General Store, the partnership was a very brief affair and Roméo was soon on his own. And, as family commitments allowed, Albertine would spend many hours working with Roméo in the store known as "R. RODRIGUE"; it became a long-standing institution in Willow Bunch. The first store, part of the European Hotel complex, burned to the ground on November 11, 1959. Undeterred, a replacement structure was soon setup, consisting of the front part of the old Wilson & Scott store. It, however, also suffered fire damage in 1961, forcing an earlier-than-planned-for retirement. The building was then purchased by Marcel Mondor who remodelled the structure and continued operating a grocery store in it.

At this point, it should be mentioned that Roméo was not a physically strong person, and as was his habit (not at all an uncommon one), he would often take a little shot of brandy to help keep up his strength. Regrettably this little habit eventually got somewhat out of hand, but Albertine steadfastly stood by him, as Roméo was generally considered to be a kind, generous and good natured person. Her perseverance paid off, as in the end Roméo regained his self-control and his self-esteem.

Then, on the evening of October 3, 1968, just as they were preparing to retire for the night, disaster struck. Roméo, as was his custom, sat on the edge of the bed to remove his shoes and, all of a sudden, he fell backwards on the bed and remained motionless. Alas, his time had come, he had suffered a fatal heart attack and never regained consciousness. Roméo is buried in the Catholic Cemetery east of Willow Bunch.

During her lifetime, Albertine also had to face the tragedy of losing her youngest and eldest son. Through her trials she has remained relatively unscathed, allowing her thoughts to dwell on happier times, ever maintaining an abiding faith in the Lord. She, as her brothers and sisters, contributed much to the history of Willow Bunch. Her family is very proud of her and she is held in high regard by the community.

Albertine has dwelled in Willow Bunch proper unceasingly for the last eighty-one years (1918-1999). Also, she has resided in the same home, several times renovated, that she and her new husband first moved into some seventy-two years ago. Seven of their eight children were born in that very "Rodrigue nest." She is now a grandmother twenty-two times, a great-grandmother thirty-five times, and a great-great-grandmother twice.

It can truly be said that one of Albertine's greatest pastimes these days, is going to play bingo at the senior centre in Willow Bunch, or in neighbouring towns if she can get a ride.

Her health is quite good yet, and she is enjoying her closing years as much as anyone can. Always a pleasant lady to visit!

Albertine and Roméo raised five sons and three daughters.

MARCEL, born in 1928, married Lucienne René Lambal on October 19, 1957, in Ontario, and they had one son. Marcel died accidentally on November 11, 1961, at the age of 33, while serving in the Canadian Air Force. He is buried in the Catholic Cemetery east of Willow Bunch.

LIONEL, born in 1930, remained single. He is a Medical Doctor, B.A., M.D., L.M.C.C., F.R.C.S.(C), D.A.B.S. His accomplishments include:

Bachelor of Arts and Science, Cum Laude, Ottawa University (Gravelbourg College) 1950.

Award Physiology - Highest mark of all Québec Medical Faculties 1952.

Doctorate Medicine - Université Laval, Cum Laude 1956.

Licentiate Medical Council Canada.

Fellowship Royal College Surgery (Canada).

Diploma American Board Surgery.

Bachelor Anatomy - Saskatoon University 1963.

Fellowship Royal College Surgery (Canada) 1970.

Diploma American Board of Surgery, Denver, Col. 1970.

Diploma Endoscopy - Temple University, Florida.

Retired after 27 and a half years practice, Allan Blair Memorial Clinic in Regina.

Senior Cancer Clinic Associate.

Associate Professor Surgery - Saskatoon University.

Consultant - Pasqua Hospital, Regina.

Courtesy Privileges Regina General Hospital and Plains Health Centre (P.H.C.).

Active member of N.C.C.T.G. North Central Cancer Treatment Group - Head office - Mayo Clinic.

Involved in research and protocol for treatment of cancer for 20 years.

AGNES, born in 1932, married René Fiset on June 2, 1953, in Willow Bunch. They have eight daughters, Dorraine, Dianne, Suzanne, Gisèle, Claire, Monique, Angèle, and Louanne. They also have 16 grandchildren. René and Agnes are now retired and reside in Willow Bunch.

RACHEL, born in 1933, married Marcel Dionne on November 22, 1955, in Willow Bunch. They have five children and 12 grandchildren. Now separated, Rachel resides in Dawson Creek, B.C.

ALBERT, born in 1934, married Jeanne Dionne on December 26, 1964, in Noelville, Ontario (she is now deceased). They raised two children and have two grandchildren. He is presently retired from a teaching career in and around Sudbury, and is enjoying his retirement On July 15, 1995, Albert married Thérèse Côté - Bélanger, also of Sudbury, Ont.

ROGER, born in 1936, married Cécile Côté on June 2, 1962, in Val Marie, Sask. Though their union produced three sons, the couple is now divorced, and Roger is presently retired, after thirty-five years of teaching, eleven as principal. He taught four years in Willow Bunch and the rest mostly in Red Deer, Alta. He is now remarried, to Carol Clayton - Gordin.

CÉCILE, born in 1938, married Delbert “Del” Bain on June 3, 1961, in Regina, Sask. They have two daughters, a son, and three granddaughters, all in Regina. Cécile graduated as an R.N. and practised in Regina for some time before opting for full-time motherhood. Her husband Del remains employed with the Saskatchewan Government.

MAURICE, born in 1946, passed away as a young boy on May 11, 1952, in the Willow Bunch Union Hospital. He had gone into the hospital for a simple tonsil operation, however, unknown to anyone at the time, he was a bleeder and following the operation he slowly bleed to death! A child is always missed when gone, but when it’s the youngest, ever more so!


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